34 Weeks 4 Days & In Labor and Delivery -The 411

This morning at 6:45 am, I awoke to the feeling of a slight gush.  I get up, rush to the bathroom and realize it’s BLOOD.   A whole lot of blood!  I sat on the toilet and let it gush.  It gushed three times and finally stopped.   I called my mom and told her I was bleeding and that we needed to get to Reston to the hospital.   Of course, I am in Northern VA and not at home in NYC.   I attempted to call my OB, who is on call at the NYC Hospital today but they could not reach him.  

I went upstairs and threw my packed bags in the trunk and alerted my sister as to what was going on and my mom came up and we left for the hospital,  which is about a 40 minute drive away.  

I got to L&D and was checked in and placed in a room.  The OB on call is a young, black female doctor.   I was placed on a monitor, they ordered labs and a sono.  After her vaginal exam, I started contracting.  

The lab came and drew several vials of blood and then they tried to start an iv but kept blowing my veins.  I was sent down to do the sonograms and then sent back up and was placed in a private suite.  

The Anesthesiologist was summoned to get an iv started and the results of the sono were all normal.  They have no idea yet what caused the bleeding.  The sono looks normal so the blood work should let them know if there is an abruption.  

I have been admitted overnight at least for monitoring and the blood work ordered won’t be in until tonight or tomorrow because it had to be sent out. 

The baby is fine so I am glad I don’t have deliver her today.  It is possible I may have to tomorrow if there is an abruption.    Otherwise, they are ordering complete bedrest and delivery at 37 weeks.

Update:  contractions have stopped.  I was able to eat at 7pm, finally.  The doc ordered a repeat HIV test and the vaginal/ rectal strep swab.   

We are resting comfortably and stuck here overnight.

6 thoughts on “34 Weeks 4 Days & In Labor and Delivery -The 411

  1. You are dedicated (or bored? Ah hospitals…) to be posting in the midst of this! I am keeping my word to send prayers up for all to be well (and I threw in one about sparing you pain ;-)) and I remain so glad you and mini you are getting attentive care.

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