30 Week Scan – The 411

Today, I had an OB appointment as well as a 30 week scan. I met with Dr. Karamitsos and he listened to the baby’s heartbeat, which was at a rate of 145.  He measured my tummy and its 34 cm.  We reviewed my blood work from last appointment and discussed my anesthesia questions regarding my cesarean.  We are doing a spinal unless they feel it will take two hours or more in which case they will administer and epidural.  I got my TDAP vaccine today. My mom got hers on Tuesday when she had a preoperative appointment.

After my first appointment, which ended early, my mom and I walked around the corner to Rockefeller Plaza and sat out for an hour before having the Uber pick us up to head to Lenox Hill Hospital Black Hall for my sonogram.

My baby girl now weighs a few ounces shy of 3 pounds.  They anticipate her birth weight to go to 7 to 7.5 pounds.  I honestly think she will be between 5-6 pounds.  I am hoping she stays small.  No one wants a big ole fat baby lol.   My niece was only 5.9 pounds and was sooo tiny !  All the other kids were 7-8 pounds and they were pretty decent size.

I had to do another vaginal exam today and my placenta is still low, though it moved up some.  I HATE doing the transvaginal sonograms.  I have a little cramping afterwards and it kinda hurts.

My amniotic fluid is normal and all the measurements are normal.  I have to come back in three to four weeks for another placenta check and a biophysical exam.

One thought on “30 Week Scan – The 411

  1. Lol, I thought the same thing about wanting Elizabeth to be small(ish)! Then, she waited until her due date to arrive and ended up weighing 8lbs 10oz, little stinker!

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