Can Someone Tell My Baby…..


That starting a kick fest at 12 midnight and wrapping up around 4 am is not the business !!

NOW that I can actually fall asleep without an act of God, my dear baby has changed her movement patterns !  Before, she was active around 7 am, 3pm, and 7-9 pm.  Now, she moves around 11:30 am, 3pm, and then moves nonstop from midnight until she gets tired.  I had fallen asleep and then awoke to a strange sensation.  Her movements now feel like a cross between kicks and a balloon or bubble bursting.  It is so very weird.  She moves so much, it wakes me up.  It does not matter if I lie on my right or left side or sleep sitting upright on pillows on my back.  She also jumps on my bladder so I keep having to get up to urinate.  I hope her schedule goes back to the way it was before.  Babies tend to keep the same schedule they kept in utero.  Pray for me ! lol

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