I Need Baby Clothes Rehab !!

So…. Carters kept sending me these emails about $5 rompers.  I also was sent a 20% off the entire purchase coupon.  Why are they out to get me???

Okay… can someone please arrange for rehab for me please ??? I’m addicted ! 










Most of these outfits are NB and the ones that are identical are NB and 3m.  The white velour sweatsuit it a 6m because we will be at the beach and by the time she is 4 months old, she should be in 3-6m clothing and it should be a little big, but will fit.

Okay… that’s all the shopping I am doing for her this week. 

I also bought the silver chargers for the place settings at my baby shower and silver organza chair sashes.


3 thoughts on “I Need Baby Clothes Rehab !!

  1. I have to warn you…the grow alarmingly fast at first. Mine grew into his 3 month outfits in a couple of weeks. He never wore all his newborn stuff. ;). Luckily they slow down so now we are actually wearing out clothes.

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