First Mother’s Day Gift 2016 – The 411

Today, baby girl and I got a box from GAP.  I was trying to figure out for the life of me what it could be since I haven’t ordered anything from there in the past 3 wks.  I thought I had received my full order.


So, I opened the box and inside was a wrapped gift box.  The card was from my amazing Godmother, Bree, in Boston !


A Mother’s Day Gift for the baby and I !





Can we all say a collective ” Awwwwwwwwwwwww !?”

Everyone is trying to make me cry ! Lol. First my sister girl in Canada and now my Godmother.

I have wrapped my Mother’s Day shopping already.   I sent my Godmother a beautiful Japanese themed tea set from Teavana and got my mom one as well.  I also bought my mom a premium orchestra seat ticket to see Aretha Franklin at Carnegie Hall this summer.   I didn’t want to go, but she really wanted to, so I got her a ticket and will hire a limo service to take her.   I bought my sisters both the same pair of diamond earrings from Zales.  I will give my nieces a gift card to Five Guys and my sister and I are taking our mom to a quaint Tea room in Maryland on Saturday.
I made a reservation to take my mom to Ruth’s Chris after church on Sunday and that’s gonna be a wrap !

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