Sixteen Week Level Two Scan – The 411


Yesterday, I had my level two sonogram at Lenox Hill Hospital- Black Hall.   My baby is a drama queen apparently.  As you can see above, as soon as the doctor put the wand on my belly, Little Miss covered her face !

All was well with her scan and after, I met with my high risk doc, Dr. Eran Borenstein, and he went over the scan results and explained what will take place at my next scan at 20 weeks.

After the appointment, my driver dropped my mom and I off at my car which was parked at a garage near my old apartment on the UES.  We drove out to Secaucus NJ to eat lunch and check into the hotel outside the city for the next few nights.   I ran into Fantasia Barino and her band in the lobby and I chatted with them for a bit before heading upstairs to my suite.

They are performing at the Prudential Center on Thursday night.

This morning, my mom and I came into Manhattan and did a little shopping prior to my tour of the hospital birthing center.   I was pleasantly surprised during the tour and love the rooms and the staff was really nice, cordial and engaging.  The hospital as the top security system in the nation.  I was relieved that I won’t have to worry about my privacy being compromised and my child coming up missing !



Tomorrow, I have a prenatal appointment with Dr. Karamitsos and will get a script for my breast pump. I am not sure what the appointment will entail.

Here are some pics of my darling little Queen !




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