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Today, I spoke with the Nurse Coordinator at Lenox Hill Hospital about my delivery / birth plans and because the tours were full on the days I am in the city, she graciously offered to arrange a private tour for me at my convenience as well as set up a meeting with Media Relations/ Legal to get the proper authorizations in place for the film crew to come in to film my procedure and stay in the hospital.  I spoke with the Executive Suite Director and got the rates for my stay in the Executive Suite.  I learned that the suite is the same one Beyonce gave birth in and several other noted persons. The Executive Suites are $800-2000 per night. A private room is $700 per night so either way, I am going to have to pay out of pocket for my five day stay unless I want a semi private room, which I don’t. Yay ! Another ridiculous expense! I want my mom to be able to stay over night but hell, a room at the Waldorf Astoria only costs me $299 a night !


While it was interesting, I could really care less.  I am concerned with MY comfort, care, and the safety of my child and family while I am there.  I refuse to let them take my baby out of my sight !  lol.   I am paranoid about her being switched at birth LOL…  I am terrible.


Given my anxiety about being comfortable at the hospital and getting five star treatment, I arranged to do the tour early.  I am not going to take any of the class offerings, as I have hired a Doula and she will provide me with class sessions on topics I feel I need.

I am excited to be able to do the tour while I am in New York week after next.  My mom and I are leaving for Las Vegas for a whole week on Monday.  While I am there, I have arranged to tour the city and prominent neighborhoods to look for a property and see if I even like it there.   There are two neighborhoods that I am really interested in seeing.  It should be a fun day touring homes.




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