Fifteen Weeks ! – The 411



My growing baby now measures about 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in at about 2 1/2 ounces (about the size of an apple). She’s busy moving amniotic fluid through her nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in her lungs begin to develop. Her legs are growing longer than her arms now, and she can move all of her joints and limbs. Although her eyelids are still fused shut, she can sense light. If you shine a flashlight at your tummy, for instance, she’s likely to move away from the beam. There’s not much for your baby to taste at this point, but she is forming taste buds. Finally, if you have an ultrasound this week, you may be able to find out whether your baby’s a boy or a girl! (Don’t be too disappointed if it remains a mystery, though. Nailing down the baby’s sex depends on the clarity of the picture and on your baby’s position. He or she may be modestly curled up or turned in such a way as to “hide the goods.”)

How Far Along?

15 weeks !!

How Big Is The Little One?

The baby is the size of a big ole Apple now

Total Weight Gain / Loss?

I have lost 2 pounds this week

Maternity Clothes?

I am still in the same clothing.  No change yet


I am starting to have crazy dreams and I still wake up to go pee !  (so annoying)

Best Moment of the Week?

I finished pulling the rest of the information together and go it organized for my book about infertility.


I had a little spotting on Saturday after having a dream that I was in labor.  It was very little, but with the fibroid, bleeding is to be expected, unfortunately .

Food Cravings?

This week, I was craving fruit salad.  A foodie friend made one and posted pics so I got the organic fruit and made one.  It is soooo refreshing ! I was also craving chicken salad, so I guilted my sister and mom into making me some.



Food Aversions?

Still no salty foods and no overly sweet foods.


A girl !!

Labor Signs?


What I Miss?

Nothing but white wine sangria

What I Am Looking Forward To?

Seeing what my baby looks like, smells like, and sounds like !


I have a little more of a bump this week.  I woke up the other morning and the bump looked a little different.

Navel In/Out?


Baby Purchases?

This week, I bought a nursing bra, nursing tank, maternity tees, onesies, blankets, baby tees, socks, organic breast ointment and Burt’s Bees Baby Gift set with body wash, lotion etc. I have also begin to set up my monthly consults with my Doula.

I called the hospital to inquire about the additional costs for reserving an executive suite.  I plan to keep the baby with me the entire time and my mom will be there.

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