Twelve Weeks ! The Three Month Mark- The 411


BABY STATS: Twelve Weeks / 3 Months !!

How Far Along?

Three months

How Big Is The Little One?

The baby is the size of a lime

Total Weight Gain / Loss?

6 pound loss since last Monday

Maternity Clothes?

Still in my regular clothes which are loose now because of the weightloss


I have off and on insomnia but I normally wake up because I have to pee !

Best Moment of the Week?

There are a few good moments this week… I booked the venue for my All White Diamonds & Diapers themed Tea Baby Shower in New York and paid for it.  My invitations are absolutely adorable and they have been ordered as well.

Diaper Invitation

This morning, when I got up because I simply could not hold the urine any longer, I noticed a light red blood.  I got in the shower, got dressed and left for the hospital ER.  The doctor did a pelvic exam and saw the little streak of blood but nothing serious.  They ordered labs and also a sonogram.

During the sonogram, the baby was running from the tech’s wand.  I have now graduated to standard on the belly sonos !  YAY !  The baby on two occasions, appeared to be smiling at us.  The baby kept flipping and jumping and then it went to sleep.  By the time the doctor tried to see the heart rate, the baby would not cooperate.  I had to lie on my side slightly to force baby to move and they were able to get the heart rate.  I was relieved that the baby was fine and learned that the fibroid has grown and is the culprit for the bleeding.






Another great moment was inserting the LAST progesterone suppository and estrace pills ! Now I am just on Lovenox until 18 weeks.

The best moment this week was when my RE, Dr. Tomer Singer, called to give me the results of my MaterniT21 testing and all of the other tests they ran for clotting disorders and I was told the sex of the baby !   Tomorrow is my gender reveal party.


I still have nausea and everything I eat tastes metallic or weird.

Food Cravings?

The only thing I have wanted to eat all week is a burger and homemade french fries with cajun seasoning.

Food Aversions?

Everything tastes metallic or strange.  I am not a fan of food at this point and Coke or Pepsi help with the nausea.


I know what it is, but I am not revealing until after my gender reveal and maybe will wait a while after that 🙂

Labor Signs?


What I Miss?


What I Am Looking Forward To?

Seeing the baby again on Wednesday and Thursday at my MFM and OB appointments


I was getting worried because there has been no change in my bump

Navel In/Out?


Baby Purchases?

This week, I purchased a Kate Spade Lyla Weekender bag to put my stuff in for the hospital and to use as an overnight bag during travel. I also purchased items for my hospital bag. I packed up the case of 20 Aden and Anais swaddling blankets and took then to storage, so I did buy a couple of organic cotton swaddling blankets for the hospital bag for the baby.

Target is having a diaper deal so I got six boxes of Honest Co. brand diapers in 1, 2 &3 and got $55 in giftcards back.  I was going to go do one more diaper haul, but then realized I should not since I have 12 cases already and have a bunch of different sizes on my baby registry.

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