Nine Weeks ! – The 411

ivf #6 - 9wks grape


How Far Along?

9 weeks 0 days

How Big Is The Little One?

The baby is now the size of a grape

Total Weight Gain / Loss?

I have dropped two pounds this week

Maternity Clothes?

I ordered two pair of maternity full band skinny jeans and three pair of denim capris from Gap and Old Navy.   My pants fit a little funny to me and since the stores were having a sale on top of my rebates, I decided to order some pants that will be more comfortable and that will accommodate my expanding belly.


I have been overly tired this week, but not napping much.  I am able to sleep until about 4 or 5 am.  Last night, I forgot to turn the ringer off on my phone and my stalker started her usual 4/5 am phone calls back to back to my phone.  I turned the ringer off and went back to sleep.   After a year, you would think this insane heifer would move on.  She is still harassing me and a few of my friends.

Best Moment of the Week?

I made my flight reservations for my mom and I to fly back to NYC next week for my Maternal Fetal Medicine High Risk assessment testing and the appointment with my RE the next day.  I picked up my new prenatal plus with DHA vitamins and they are a lot smaller than the previous ones, so I am happy about that ! My highlight was getting confirmation from my friend who worked at Saks that she can order my Stokke Xplory stroller for 45% off !!  My friend is going to pick it up when it arrives at the store and hold on to it for me since I am not in the DC area.

My mom and I have started finalizing our travel plans for April and May.  We are going to Las Vegas for a few days, first, to see Cirque de Soleil Michael Jackson One !  I am super excited to see that show !   We are planning a trip to Europe since I have been forbidden to travel to any tropical places :-(.   Hey …. Ireland sounds amazing !   I will take it !


Morning sickness all day persists.  It is not unbearable and I am not vomiting, but I just have an overall feeling of queasiness and not feeling well.  I am not hungry at all, yet I wake up and my body feels like I am starving it.  I am forcing myself to eat a variety of things six times a day.   I feel like I am full of air all the time and have hiccups throughout the day.

Food Cravings?

I am not hungry at all. I have been craving Activia Strawberry yogurt and pineapple chunks. Today, I saw red plums in the grocers and grabbed five of those.  I have eaten them all.  If anything, I want homemade soup.  My mom is making me a pot of Turkey Carcass Fresh Herb Veggie soup.

Food Aversions?

ALL food !  I just do not want to eat AT ALL.


Team Pink is what I am holding out for !!

Labor Signs?


What I Miss?

Nothing at the moment…

What I Am Looking Forward To?

Feeling my baby move.  I am ordering a series of cds of classical music to start playing on my belly.  There are belly music players on amazon and I am placing an order for one today.


My little pouch is visible, but its not “pregnancy” notable.

Navel In/Out?

Still in and it better stay that way !

Baby Purchases?

I have not made any purchases except placing the order for the Stokke Xplory while I can get it for only $735.  I have started adding things I want to order to my baby registry.

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