Eight Weeks ! – The 411


IVF #6 - kidney bean wk 8

How Far Along?

8 wks 2 days

How Big Is The Little One?

The size of a kidney bean

Total Weight Gain / Loss?

I have lost 8 pounds thus far

Maternity Clothes?

I can still wear all of my clothes.  I just ordered some maternity skinny jeans since my clothes are getting too big with the constant weight loss.


I am super tired most of the time, but am not sleeping well through the night.

Best Moment of the Week?

I had my first OB appointment on Thursday, my prenatal work up with my OB’s nurse complete with labs and genetic screenings on Friday and also saw my RE Friday.  I saw the baby three times during sonos and the baby is growing, looks like a bird and has a heartbeat of 165. Dr. Karamitsos, my OB, and I set a date of September 30th as my scheduled c-section / birth date.  He wants to do it at 39 weeks.  I wanted 38 so that I can leave sooner to go to the beach with my bae bae(s) !


My morning sickness has gotten worse.  I feel nauseated all the time.  I have read up on some things to do and stopped drinking when I eat to avoid overfilling my stomach.  I have not stopped eating fried meats, however, fried chicken or fried fish every once in a while doesn’t bother me.  Spicy food doesn’t bother me either.  The thought of eating is not a pleasant one.

Food Cravings?

The only things I craved this week was a fried chicken leg from Popeyes, Hibachi veggies, chicken fried rice and onion soup from Benihana and fried flounder.  I had all of those, but ate only a few bites before I did not feel too well. My baby seems to love soup !  I have been thinking about soup and looking for soup all week.  I did get a huge bowl at Westway Diner in NYC, where I used to pick up a cup of soup every day before acting class.

Food Aversions?

Pretty much all food until I make myself eat something every 4 hours.  I can not fathom eating fruit or eggs.  Half and Half makes me very queasy when I add it to my coffee.


It BETTER be a girl in there !  I hope there are two babies in there.. but so far, only one is showing up.

Labor Signs?

Nope… way too soon !

What I Miss?

Sleeping all night without much interruption.  Being able to wear my skinny jeans without them falling off of me.

What I Am Looking Forward To?

My Materni-T21 test in a few weeks and learning who is in there ! Getting normal results on all this genetic screening.


Unfortunately, my little one is getting bigger and more noticeable by me.  My mom is on bump watch !  I am hoping to be able to keep my pregnancy under wraps until at least 12 weeks, so hopefully I will not pop out more over the next 4 weeks.

Navel In/Out?

In and I hope it stays that way.

Baby Purchases?

I have started removing and adding items to my registry that I will be purchasing closer to summer.  One item I may get ahead of time is the Stokke Xplory stroller system with the bassinet, winter kit, mosquito net, and rain kit.  It is a very expensive item and I have a friend who works at Saks who can get 40% off, making the stroller only $735 and I can order the other pieces from Amazon.com.   I will refrain from making any other purchases until late Spring, when I order the crib from Bratt Decor and the bassinet.  The car seat and zillion other cute must haves that are in my registry, I will get just before coming back to the condo at the beach in October, so that I can have them all shipped to the condo and not have to worry with dragging more stuff with me.

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