Seven Weeks ! – The 411

IVF #6 - 7wks blueberry

Baby Stats at 7wks

Beta : 35,517         Progesterone : 33           TSH:  1.8             Vit D : 47.7          Heart rate:  114bpm

How Far Along?

7 wks 3days

How Big Is The Little One?

The size of a blueberry

Total Weight Gain / Loss?

I have lost 6 pounds over the past three weeks

Maternity Clothes?

I can still wear all of my clothes, although over the past year, I did order a ton of tees from Old Navy Maternity section online dirt cheap.


I still have bouts of insomnia.  I am so very tired during the day, however, I am not napping much during the day like I was a few weeks ago. I wake up at 3 or 4 am and always have to pee !

Best Moment of the Week?

When I saw my baby’s heartbeat.  What a relief !!!


Morning sickness ALL day everyday.  I do not vomit, but I am hella queasy usually at 3am and 3pm is when it is strongest.

Food Cravings?

Of ALL things, I was craving FRIED BOLOGNA SANDWICHES with mustard !  The edges had to be burned a little bit !  Really?  Bologna?  I have not had lunch meat since I was small child.  Today, I was craving a bowl of salad from Olive Garden, so I went there for lunch.  I have also been craving pineapple and milkshakes.

Food Aversions?

The little one(s) do NOT like salt nor sugar.  I was a sugar freak before pregnancy and now I can not tolerate large amounts of sugar.


It BETTER be a girl in there !  I hope there are two babies in there.. but so far, only one is showing up.

Labor Signs?

Nope… way too soon !

What I Miss?

Being able to just pick up things and not having to be careful about how I move and what I can and can not pick up.  Now, I have to think thru everything.  I miss being an energizer bunny and being able to breath easily.

What I Am Looking Forward To?

Getting to a point where I am not afraid of something going wrong every minute of every day.  I look forward to getting to a point where the stretching and slight cramping subside and I can start to enjoy pregnancy and believe that THIS IS going to happen.  I look forward to seeing the little one’s face and hearing it cry for the first time.


My stomach, which had gotten pretty flat after my weightloss over the summer, is now a little pooch !

Navel In/Out?

In and I hope it stays that way.

Baby Purchases?

I bought a Kinsa thermometer, a case of Aden and Anais receiving blankets from a wholesaler, and my mom bought baby gowns from a children’s consignment shop.  I bought six cases of Honest brand diapers a few weeks ago on one of my couponing sprees because I got them DIRT cheap !.

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