A Little Scare – The 411


On Friday morning, I woke at 3 am with an urgent need to go to the bathroom.  The progesterone has truly done a number on me constipation wise.  I went back to sleep about an hour later and when I got up at 7 am, I had to go to the bathroom again !  (YAY Coffee !)

I had the scare of my life when I looked at my pantyliner and it had bright red blood in it !  When I wiped, there was no blood, so sometime between 3 and 7, I bled.

I sent my nurse a message on the portal to let her know and she said it was more than likely from straining or just constipation in general and for me to start taking Colace daily and to increase my fluid intake by double what I am currently drinking.  She said  to also add in more fiber to my diet.

Thank goodness, there has been no more bleeding and I am drinking like a fish !



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