Second Beta Is In !! – The 411


Today was my second beta.  My beta is now 287 !!

The nurse called this afternoon with the update and I realized that I was scheduled two days too early for 1st beta.  Because I did a 3DT, my first beta was supposed to be tomorrow, actually.  At any rate, all of my levels are great.  Estradiol 1200, Progesterone 29, and HCG 287.

I have already made an appointment with my OB for next week for my 1st appointment and the RE appointment for the last week of the month.

I have scheduled an appointment on Monday the 8th for blood work and lining check / sac count for Monday since I will be in DC and can go to the Women’s Imaging Center.  Hopefully there will be enough to see, as I will be just over 5 weeks (5W4d) then.

Please continue to cover me and the little one(s) in your prayers !  I am sooooo hoping there is more than one in there !  Fingers crossed ! 🙂


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