Blog Update – 1/28 – The 411


That moment when you feel like you have done all you can and God laughs and continues to shut doors in your face.  Why?  What could I have done to deserve this as my constant end result?

What is God’s lesson or blessing in “NO” ?

What next?

Does anyone know why a 29 year old would produce embryos with fragmentation? Why does a 39 year old produce embryos that are only “fair” in grade?

Fifth BFN…. 18 embryos … no baby.

The End ~

6 thoughts on “Blog Update – 1/28 – The 411

  1. Damn this to h-e-double hockey sticks. I forgot my phone and was thinking about you ALL DAY today. I came home and looked for a text or update. I can’t believe this. I am so angry at the universe and even God right now. My dear dear friend.

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