Happy Sabbath !


My morning started with a run to the grocery store to purchase five newspapers so that I could stock up on the inserts.  In my boredom, I started extreme couponing lol.   I was hunting down the P&G inserts so that I could collect the $3 off each Tide or Gain Pods and $2 off the bottles of Tide Free and Clear ! I also found a website http://www.insertinsanity.com and ordered 15 more inserts which are coming in the mail on Tuesday.  I hit the motherload of pay dirt !   I went to CVS and bought the Tide Free and Clear for $5.34 each – the $2 off coupons = $3.34 per bottle.  I then saved $29 and only spent almost $7 with the reward bucks.  At Walmart, I purchased five Tide and Gain Pods for $3.97 each then used the $3 off coupon = $.97 each bag !! I saved $15 and only spent almost $6 out of pocket.   When my mailers come, I will go back and purchase 15 more bottles of Free and Clear and 15 more pods !

I learned of a neat diaper haul too !  I went to Target and my mom and I both did a baby registry so that I could score the gift bags.  Inside, is a bunch of coupons, specifically the Honest Company $25 off a $50 purchase !  So..today, a diaper sale launched at Target for $24.99 per box.  If you purchase 3 boxes, you get a free $20 giftcard.  Then pay for the items using your Target Red Card and get an additional 5% off !  So, I saved $99 on six boxes of Honest Diapers and only spent $50 OOP ! Target also sends a 15% off registry purchase coupon in the mail too!!

couponing haul 3

Valerie - jan 24

Anyway, I have had a busy day cooking today !  I made blueberry muffins and bacon for breakfast before my coupon shopping hauls then came back in an whipped up Cinnamon Rum Soaked Raisin Bread.  For dinner, I made garlic mushroom chicken, buttered egg noodles, collards, and squash/zucchini/onion.

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