Who Ordered Snow & Ice? – The 411


Yesterday, I got up at 3 am and left for my return to the condo.  On the way out, it had already started with the icy rain.  There were about 10 tractor trailers overturned, down embankments or off in the trees on the interstate !  Several cars had spun out and were pressed up against guard rails and damaged beyond recognition.  Quite a few other cars had hit each other.  I was glad I had the sense to drive 20 mph until I got out of there.

After landing back home, I brought my luggage and other stuff in and left out for my afternoon acupuncture appointment.  This acupuncturist is amazing !  He introduced me to Moxa!  Anything involving heat is my friend ! Lol




As I lay there for 90 minutes, I figured it was a great time to make silly face selfies while listening to music. 

I am so glad to be back in the sun and ocean air. 

I spoke with sister in NC and they got a lot of ice and some snow.  There were a lot of power outages in some areas.  My sister in VA said they have already gotten a foot a snow a day expecting another foot or more.  They can’t even get the car out.  Ooooo how glad I am that I left before that madness.  This is a great part of my decision to relocate to California.  I can NOT with all that snow and cold !

5 thoughts on “Who Ordered Snow & Ice? – The 411

  1. That’s so funny, when I’m doing acupuncture occasionally I think about doing a selfie then I worry I’ll stab myself hahaha. It’s the greatest though, now I go down for the count almost as soon as she’s putting the needles in me.

    Yesterday it was over 50 degrees in Portland where we are – very weird winter!

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