Embryo Transfer Day !! – The 411

ivf #5 think positive

Today was my embryo transfer day !  Here in Syracuse, a snow storm started yesterday and continues.  When I got ready to leave to head to the clinic, the streets were in horrible condition and the people here drive like the ground is clear !  No respect ! lol.

I prayed the ENTIRE 15 minute drive to the clinic that I would get there in one piece.  I  cussed out everyone on the road because they were flying around me and others who chose to drive like we had sense.  Just because you are driving an SUV or minivan, does not mean that you are Richard Petty and can use your car like its a snowmobile !  I was a nervous wreck by the time I got to the clinic.

I went in, checked in, and then was escorted to the spa for my pre-procedure acupuncture.  It was very relaxing !

An hour later, I was taken to the OR and the nurse explained what we were doing today and then Embryology came in to tell me I had two nine cell embryos and one eight cell embryo with a tiny bit of fragmentation.  The embryos looked great for day threes and were strong looking embryos and just what they expected to see on day three.

IVF #6 - transfer day 20

After speaking with the Embryologist, Dr. Kiltz came in and gave me a huge hug and kiss on the cheek.  We chatted for a while about all kinds of things and then he asked how many I was thinking of transferring, as he already had a figure in his head !  I told him I was torn between transferring two and transferring three.  I was leaning more towards three because I really want twins and am willing to take the risk of triplets.  I wanted to up my odds for twins.  I figured if I only put back two, one was not going to take.  I was sitting in the ER texting my mom and my friend SpiritBabyComeHome asking their advice.  Both said to do three.  I looked at Dr. Kiltz after thinking about their earlier replies and said lets do THREE !   I told him I was keeping the two cutest ones and the ugliest one could go home with him. lol.

After Dr. K checked my uterus and lining, he then called for Embryology to bring my babies out.  Dr. Kiltz put them in and then had me relax with my bottom elevated.  Shortly after, the acupuncturist came in and did my post op acupuncture.  I relaxed and just listed to the music playing throughout the clinic.  Before I knew it, it was time to get dressed and check out and gear up to drive back to hotel.  The drive back was a lot more pleasant, as the roads had been cleared some by then.  I came back in, showed my mom the paperwork and the picture of the babies, and immediately put on my pjs and started ordering food.  I order pork fried rice from one place, a large NY cheese pizza from one place and also a turkey club, salad, hot wings, and a soda from the last.  Thank goodness, all of it tastes good !  I wasn’t sure about these places, so I wanted to make sure I had enough delivery for lunch, snack and dinner since I have no plans on going back outside until we leave for DC tomorrow !

So ladies, I am PREGNANT until proven otherwise… Okay… I am just PREGNANT !  We will not put anything other than that out into the universe !   🙂


11 thoughts on “Embryo Transfer Day !! – The 411

    • Lol. I am tired, but feeling well. Had a 9 hour drive from Syracuse yesterday because of the snow. My niece had her baby on Monday @ 6:36 PM so we went to the hospital to see her and the little one. He looks JUST like my brother in law. I am having implantation type cringes, which is to be expected. I’m going for acupuncture tomorrow. 🙂


      • Lol. They are playing “couple” to the hilt ! The jobless boyfriend what hasn’t purchased as much as a dayum diaper, has been there since the birth ! Now he is staying the night at my sister’s and his mom and a few siblings came over at 10 am ! #calgontakemeaway #theworldhasgonemadandimtheonlysaneoneleft #whyamitheonlyonewhoseessomethingwrongwiththis


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