Blog Update- 01/16 – The 411

Above are pictures from my HCG wash that I had done this morning.  I arrived in Syracuse at 8:30 AM, checked into the hotel, changed my sweater, put on boots and left for the fertility clinic. I met a FB fertility page friend who donated three vials of Neupogen to me that she had left over from her cycle and then I went inside, checked in and awaited my name to be called.

My nurse, Allyson, did my HCG wash and then another nurse, who never gave me her name, came in and did the two bags of intralipids.

After my infusion, I was able to leave and I came back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit.  I have been waiting on my mom to wake up so that we can go out and grab a meal and tomorrow, I plan to go the AM movies to see Ride Along 2 since I missed the pre-release screening.  I am looking forward to seeing it.

In baby news, six of my eggs survived the thaw and three fertilized right away and are growing little embryos.  The others they are watching and if they fertilize, they will grown them out to see if they are good enough a grade to freeze.

I am so torn as to how many to transfer now.  If I only have three embryos, do I transfer all three hoping that two of them take?  Do I just transfer two and pray both take and then I have one on ice in case the transfer fails?   Do I transfer all three and if it doesn’t work, then just select a new donor and do a fresh cycle?

I guess I just need to wait until I arrive at the clinic on Monday at 10 am for my acupuncture to get an updated report on the numbers and grades of the embryos and then I will be in a better position to decide.   I was hoping I would have six embryos so that I could have the option of doing three transfers with this one cycle, but this all such a crap shoot !

I just pray that this cycle takes and I deliver healthy babies this Fall and that be the end of it.  I am exhausted !  This whole process is daunting and tiring.  The ups and downs… ebs and flow of it all is enough to drive a sane person as insane as my stalker is !

Speaking of stalker, this crazy woman somehow managed to “like” my film pages and fan page on FB and posted some foolishness on it.  I deleted the posts, banned her fake profile from the page, and then put a post on my main FB page alerting everyone as to the fake profile and asking them to block her should she contact them or send a friend request, which she has been doing for 2 weeks now.  UGH !!

Only positive thoughts and no stress !!




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