Blog Update 01/06 – The 411


Today is the 23rd day of jabbing myself with needles and ramming up to 25 pills down my throat.  Today is the 4th day of extreme queasiness and the 1st day I am starting to feel better.

Last night, once I felt the queasiness pass, I was hungry and decided to make gluten free 10 cheese mac and cheese. BADIDEA.COM

I felt horrible about an hour after eating it and my stomach burned all night !

Imagine how happy I was when I realized that I only have to take the doxycycline for a total of five days ! So tomorrow, I get sprung ! Last day of torture !

I am traveling tomorrow to Washington DC.  I am hoping that this time my hotel room is available upon my early am arrival !  I hate waiting around or having to select another room when I had already pre-selected the one I wanted.

I am all packed and ready to leave in the wee hours.

I am excited that my appointment is on Monday and I learn my transfer date.  Hopefully everything looks good with my uterus/ lining and I can transfer this month.

On Wednesday,  my mom has to go in for a Petscan to make sure the cancer has not metastasized.  She hasn’t been feeling well and sleeps more than normal.  Prayerfully, it is just the medications she is on causing these symptoms.  I won’t let my mind go beyond that thought.  2016 is going to be a year of complete healing and prosperity in every thing, on every level.  I am trusting God for that !!



4 thoughts on “Blog Update 01/06 – The 411

  1. Giiiirl you must feel like a pin cushion right now. Bless you. No wonder you’re feeling sick with all these meds pumping through your body. Hahaha cheese is the worst thing for an uneasy stomach.

    You’re on the home stretch now. I pray that everything goes to plan xx

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