Blog Update 01/04- The 411


On this 21st day of stims, I am bloated, have a stomach ulcer from all these pills, have a knotted up, black and blue tummy, am feeling like a skinned raccoon, queasy, and could not be happier !

Another patient at my clinic who just cycled and at first was told she was having twins, learned today that she is having TRIPLETS ! All these BFPS gives me hope ! The new protocols are working and my cycle is coming up soon !! Yay me !

Today, I finally drug myself out of bed and whipped up smothered steak, rice, onion gravy, and cajun baby lima beans.




My mom calls me to ask if I would make her vanilla egg custard.  Now keep in mind SHE taught me how to make it when I was younger but all of a sudden, she doesn’t remember the recipe ! My mom has the Jewish mother routine down pat ! Lol



As you can see, I got hoodwinked lol.

Anyway, I still feel terrible.  I now have a stomach ulcer from the meds.  I assume the doxycycline.   I eat before taking these meds, but I did have gastric bypass 11 years ago, so my little pouch is susceptible to ulcers. I called Dr. Witt and asked him to call in a suspension I can take to coat my tummy and heal the ulcer.

I have completed all injections for the day and have taken all meds except the LDN that I take at 9pm.  I am already in the bed.  I will watch TV until 9 pm and then I am getting some shut eye !

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