IVF #6- Stim Day 20- The 411


Twenty days in and feeling great !  I am starting to get excited about this cycle.  It seems that every one at my clinic is getting BFPs with twins !!  I am so excited for the other ladies and can not wait until I am pregnant.

This morning, I had to get up at 2 am to take my camera crew to the airport.  We had an awesome week at the beach and I had so much fun.

I have to leave for DC later this week and am not looking forward to the cold.  I should be leaving for Syracuse on the next Thursday if I get the all clear after my next Monday baseline appointment.

We are still awaiting my niece to go in labor.  She is due on the same day as my baseline and it is her first child.  The baby is down and in position, but not action yet.  I hope he doesn’t come late.  My mom wants to go with me to Syracuse for my transfer.  She is feeling a lot better and spent most of the week hanging out with me and the film crew.

Ps: the picture above is of the adorable sweatshirt my sister got me for Christmas…. sooooo me ! Lol

I hope everyone’s New Year is starting off great !

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