IVF #6 – Stim Day 19 – The 411

Year 2016

Yay !  19 days down and it is 2016 !!!   THIS is my year to reap all the good I have sown.  THIS is my year of redemption and bounce back from all of the heartache, disappointment and pain !  THIS is MY year of harvest ! THIS is MY year to see my dreams come to fruition ! THIS is MY year to not just be a blessing, but to receive blessings !  I declare peace of mind, healing for all those connected to me, bliss and prosperity for all those I come in contact with and those who know me !

11 more days and I will be doing my baseline to determine if everything is good for me to proceed.  Please keep my little ole uterus in your thoughts and prayers that it is triamelar and ready to transfer upon lining check !

Happy New Year Everyone

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