IVF # 6 – Stim Day 17 – The 411

ivf 5 - keep calm and stim like a champ

Woot Woot !!!   After a consult with my RE, the nurse called today to inform me that they want to proceed with my next step in this cycle.  The RE thinks that the imaging center overread my lining or either that my lining just didn’t thin out this month as much, but either way, he is not worried about it.  Tomorrow, I am adding Neupogen and  Estradiol Valerate to the current protocol, except I take the Lupron down to 5 units instead of 10.

On the 11th, I go for another baseline and as long as my lining is not over 16 and has thickened, then my egg thaw will be on the 12th and my transfer will be on the 15th !!

I had an eventful day with my film crew.  We went out today to capture new scenes and to also get B Roll footage for the reality show.  We filmed me doing location scouting via helicopter !  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am petrified of heights ! The flight was so much fun !   We flew over the ocean and around the city.


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