IVF # 6 – Stim Day 16 – The 411

baby - uterine lining

Today is my 16th day on Lupron and I got the results from my sonogram yesterday.  For some reason, my uterine lining is still thick.  It is 7mm, down one millimeter from last week.  The nurse called and left the message and said she wanted to know how much bleeding I did over the last few days and she wanted the lining under a 7 to proceed.  I have to call her tomorrow morning to go over my scan.  I texted my RE and asked him his thoughts and he asked me a series of questions and then said he wasn’t concerned, as my saline sonogram was fine and I had a endometrial scrape with biopsy that came back fine as well and sometimes the lining just doesn’t thin all the way out every month.

This afternoon, the imaging center I made an appointment with on Thursday called to inform me that they do not read infertility scans, thus they were cancelling my appointment !  WHAT THE WHAT??   I asked to speak to the ultrasound tech and she explained that they no longer do infertility scans and the Radiologist decided they were no longer doing them and that is all the explanation she could offer.  I explained to her that I read the entire order to the intake person and they were aware that I was doing this scan for infertility and that I had been referred to them by the hospital radiology department as the one imaging center in this area which DOES infertility related scans.  Long story short, she gave me a half assed apology and could do nothing for me.  I will let the nurse know tomorrow and just let it go since I just did a scan yesterday and insurance companies do not like for patients to keep repeating tests unnecessarily.

The plan is for me to start the estrogen injections on Monday and then go in for a repeat scan on Jan 14th.  I talked to a few ladies today who had thick linings and one lady had a lining thickness of almost 19 on the day of her transfer and she is a few weeks pregnant with twins !  I guess it can not hurt for the lining to be thicker than normal.  My usual lining is around a 7 or 8 at transfers.  I am kinda glad that I do not have to do another transvaginal ultrasound !  Not really my favorite thing to do LOL.

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