IVF #6 – Stim Day 8 – The 411


Today, I am preparing to depart for Christmas in Washington !  It is my eight day of stims and nearing CD1 which is supposed to be Wednesday… It feels like it may come a day early 😦 . Everything is going well with the meds and today, I picked up my script for Synthroid 175mg that my doc called in and picked up the other 37 LDN pills from the compounding pharmacy that screwed with my order.

I ordered this book called The Insulin Resistance Diet – How to Turn Off Your Body’s Fat-Making Machine.  I can not wait to get to my hotel tomorrow morning and spend the day tearing into the info !  We are leaving early in the morning for Washington, as my mom has a dental appointment and right after, we are meeting our family friend, Patti, for lunch.

In baking news, the second batch of the Orange Cranberry Brioche came out amazing !  The recipe is a keeper !  🙂  Pics below of batch 2

Here is a picture of the first recipe I used that had 1/2 the amount of eggs, milk instead of water, and 3/4 the amount of butter…

Orange Cranberry Brioche - 1st recipe

Anyhoo…  I just packed the car with my luggage and gifts that I have to take with me and I am about to open my gift that just arrived from my godson and best friend and then I am going to watch Family Feud with my mom, as I do every afternoon.  I will do so with a big mug of tea with my Lavender organic honey from a CA honey farm that came for me today.  One of my IVF buddies on FB told me about the place and arranged for two gallons for me !  I am so excited 🙂

Good evening everyone !

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