IVF # 6 – Stim Day 6 – The 411

Today is my sixth day of stims and my second day on Metformin.  So far, all I have noticed is decreased hunger, more tummy noises, and a bit of queasiness in waves throughout the day.  It is nothing that profound, however, enough that I notice it and then it passes.

I have four more days then I go for my baseline and blood work !  I will be in Northern VA with my family so I will get everything done at the same place I was going to when I was visiting my mom.

Today, I spent most of the day being drug from store to store with my mom as she wanted to go shopping… her go to when she is bored ! I HATE shopping… I HATE crowds.. I HATE people and what I HATE even more is hanging out in malls when I have nothing that I need.  I did pick up some cute Christmas themed tissue paper and gift bags for the gifts I bought.

This morning, I started perfecting a new recipe for Orange Cranberry Brioche.  It came out really well !  I am going to make another version using water in lieu of whole milk and tweak it a bit to get more of a rise.  The loaves rose more during baking than they did while sitting in the pans, so I was happy about that.  The bread was amazing in flavor !  I added butter extract, orange extract, orange peel and Cointreau.  I can not wait to try the other recipe tomorrow.  I intended to do it today, but my mother was insistent on going out.  😦    I told her today, I am NOT going shopping with her again tomorrow nor any other time soon.  She wore me OUT!.

In stalker news:  This heifer will not stop calling !  I have my ringers off and never have them on anyway since she calls in the middle of the night from spoofed numbers.  I block the numbers she calls from and then she just calls from another one.  I am changing my phone numbers with the new year and that will take care of that.  She has called enough that the police have everything they needs for a harassment complaint.  I was sooooo tempted to call her from a spoofed number and have the caller id say HEAVEN or her son’s name, but I thought better of it and decided I am not going down to her level.  God will handle her !  This is not my battle to fight.

My focus is getting prepared for the baby battle and win this war !  I am determined that I will be successful with this cycle and will get to bring my healthy babies home at the end of the summer !

Well, my get up and go has got up and went !  Good night ! 🙂

10 thoughts on “IVF # 6 – Stim Day 6 – The 411

  1. The Low Carb Diet is Hard!!. I am praying for your bundle of Joy to be born in 2016. OMG with your stalker. It sounds so life time movie. How in the hell do you deal. Do you think she dangerous?? I am praying she goes away!!!

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    • The low carb is not bad lol. You can have bacon and eggs for breakfast… sausage and eggs… country ham and eggs… steak and eggs… fruit lol. All my favorites. You just have to get creative. For snacks, pull out a big plate and load it down with fruit, almonds, walnuts, dried fruit pieces, cheese… munch on that stuff. Dinner is easy: ribs, steak, chicken, burgers, pork chops, Turkey and and veggies.. collards, sweet potatoes, mustards with spring onion, green beans, squash, zuchiini, grilled onions… etc The stalker is obviously very disturbed. She has made death threats. She doesn’t know where I am nor can she get to me. I have security anyway. She will go away or the police will take her away in the straight jacket she should have long been in !


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