IVF #6 – Stim Day 2 – The 411

IVF 6 - cd21 start of stims

Tonight was my second Lupron injection.  In two hours, I have to take my first LDN – low dose Naltrexone.  I went to pick up the compounded script today, got home and noticed that the pharmacy only gave me 63 pills instead of 100 that my doctor wrote the script for.  I called them and was told the pharmacist gave me the exact number based on the instructions.  I had to break it down to her… First of all, nobody pays you to think !  My doctor wrote the script for 100 pills because that is the number he wants me to have.  Although I am titrating up from 1.5 mg over the next three weeks, my increase will be based on my toleration of the drug.  He may, based on my blood work, increase the med again.  Because I will be in Upstate NY on the 4th week, I need the rest of my pills to ensure I have enough to last me until I get back, unless of course, the pharmacy is going to overnight the pills I need to me in NY or bring them to me…. this med has to be compounded especially for me, which means it takes three-four days to make JUST FOR ME.  I do not have time to play with so make the rest of my damned pills like my prescription was written for and I will pick them up by Monday before I leave for Christmas !

The LAST thing I need is aggravation… I am already feeling the effects of being on hormones.

Today, I went out on the beach and ran 2 miles then walked one.  My achiles tendonitis QUICKLY reminded me who is boss !  My ankle and foot are still swollen from this morning so I will be staying off of it and continuing my meds.  I will probably end up having my doctor inject my heel with steroids because I am over this pain and hobbling around like I am 90 years old.

I am trying to get some holiday baking done. So far, I have only managed to bake two Bourbon Sweet Potato Pies, two Rum cakes, and a pan of Cranberry Orange Scones.  Tomorrow, I will bake two Five Flavor Pound Cakes and that will be it until the weekend. I will work on Christmas cookies this weekend, but need to give my feet a break for a couple of days before I am back at square one and level 10 pain.

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