Only A Few More Days… IVF#6 – The 411

egg donor

Can you believe that in exactly five more days I start stims for my next IVF (and I am claiming FINAL BFP with Twins cycle)?  The Lupron injections will begin on Monday !  I will continue with the Lupron and then go for a lining check on December 23rd and then will start the Estrace for about 10-12 days.

I am excited and nervous at the same time !

My mom is recuperating well from her surgery last week.  Today, we went in for her post-op check up and everything looks great.

We are leaving in the morning back home to the condo and I can not WAIT to see my beautiful ocean ! I have missed sitting on the beach passing time and working while listening to waves !

I am not yet able to start running again, but my doctor put me on Naproxen to help with the inflammation in my left heel.  I have achilles tendonitis !  If it heals on its own, I will avoid having to get steroid injections into the heel.  I will start back at the gym this week and lift weight and do floor exercises that do not require me to be on my feet or to stress the heel/ankle.   I am down 36 pounds and feel pretty good.  I want to drop another 10-15 pounds but with stims coming up, I am not sure that is a good idea.  I will continue to stick to the high protein, low carb diet and just work out until the end of the month.  December 31st will be my last work out day for a while.




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