Going BOINKERS Over DE IVF !! – The 411

Cray Cray

So…. Friday, my clinic called to inform me that my donor, for family emergency reasons, had to pull out of the program 2 weeks before she was to start birth control pills to get ready for my cycle. The donor had done three prior cycles and the last cycle, all eggs were banked but belonged to another couple.

I spent the entire day Friday (the 13th of all days), all weekend, Monday, Tuesday, and part of the morning today in tears, on the internet looking high and low for a new sperm donor to match me. I found two on California Cryobank and two on Xytex. I also researched San Diego Fertility Center donor embryo adoption program and looked a few others. I happen to log into my patient portal to start looking for a European egg donor and I have a message in my portal from the donor coordinator… Guess what? The donor NOW has banked eggs available. I guess the family who banked them decided to share or not to move forward. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

This whole process is driving me insane ! It has been a wonderful last six months not having to focus on infertility and cycling. I chose my donor and decided on a time I wanted to cycle and I have been chilling and working on my weight and being as healthy as I can possibly be. It has been a relaxed time. As soon as I get close to the time I am start my next ivf cycle, all hell breaks loose !

I have to kinda admit that I am bit relieved. Now all I have to do is have the donor vial shipped to the clinic by January and go back to focusing on dropping more weight. The prednisone did me IN last cycle. I have lost all of those 30 lbs plus some, but now I am addicted to how great I look so I am continuing to lose weight until I get closer to my ideal weight, which can only help my cycle. I plan to work out up until the week of Christmas and then I will give it a rest. I have 34 more days to work on me 🙂


6 thoughts on “Going BOINKERS Over DE IVF !! – The 411

  1. I think your blog is great and I can really relate to the choosing of the DE. I had started with 2 others and ended up choosing a more proven one, but the process was YIKES. Thanks for the blog.

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