Back To Square One – The 411

Square One

So, after doing my due diligence, I learned that in order for me to use an egg donor bank, I would have to cough up an additional $10,000 plus the donor’s local monitoring, transportation and likely other hidden costs ! I would do it, but see the way my bank account is set up…. (in my Kevin Hart voice)

I have done NOTHING but research all day long.  After finding two donors that I like, it hit me in the middle of the night to check to see what the agency fees are because the $3500 only covers the donor’s fee and they are all unproven donors.  Imagine my shock when I realized that there was this astronomical agency fee.  This is why is it a lot more cost effective to use the fertility clinic’s in-house bank, plus from what I have gathered, using an in-house bank, you are more likely able to get a clearer, truer depiction of the donor’s prior cycle history.

After struggling with this dilemma all day, I finally took a break and went out onto my balcony and just watched the waves whip and the ocean rhythm.

Valerie - beach

After communing with nature it came to me, ” CHANGE YOUR DONOR TO MATCH YOU !”  I was adamant that I did not want to change my donor.  My mom made a good point that I had already done five OE cycles with the same donor with no good results so switch it up and do the work to find a donor that matches to me then I can change the egg donor around to match my first choice of donor.  In doing this, I do not have to pay any additional money because the donor will cycle at my fertility clinic where monitoring is included and I only have to go through every cryobank in the USA to find an educated black male donor who has a strong background in mathematics and sciences and meets all my other criteria.

On a tip from one of my IF board friends, I called San Diego Fertility Center about donor embryo donation.  They had a Caribbean donor who did very well and has a lot of embryos there.  The lady I need to speak with to get the info is out until Friday.  With a simple google search and a heads up to check IG for a current patients account, I was able to piece together the financial portion.  I am concerned about the fact that a lot of these places that do embryo adoption expect you to complete a home study, which is time consuming.  I do not have time for that foolishness !  I left a message, but pretty much decided to start searching other cryobanks for a suitable donor and then going through the clinic database to find the egg donor.

I started with California Cryobank, based on tips from other ladies on the boards.  I found two black male donors that I liked.  One is ID Open and the other is Anonymous.  One of them only has one vial left and the other has several.  I have to research other banks and look at the inventory before making a decision.   I am bothered by the fact that this bank will not divulge whether the donor has more girls than boys and they do not have adult pictures.  Everyone is darn near cute as a baby or child, but adulthood can be waaaaaay different ! lol

If anyone has any cryobanks they think I should look into, please share !!


2 thoughts on “Back To Square One – The 411

  1. I really like Fairfax Cryobank. Many of the donors let you see adult pictures and you can actually purchase them, so if he is “mister right” you can have something to put in a baby book. I have gotten pregnant with donor sperm there. My trouble is miscarriages. Good luck to you. This search is always so emotionally draining!

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