Possible Donors Found – The 411

ivf - egg donor

This weekend, I spent time searching for a new egg donor. I found two that I really like.  Both of them are not local to my fertility clinic and I am not sure if either is available to cycle in January.  I will speak to the egg donor agency tomorrow to get more info.

One donor lives in New Jersey and the other lives in North Carolina.  That poses a problem since we have to pay for their monitoring.  I would have to try to find an RE that is local to the donor and work out a flat rate monitoring fee.  At CNY Fertility Center and Spa, the monitoring fee is included in the price.  My head is spinning with the choices.

I let my mom take a look at both donors and she likes them both, though one of them is a lot prettier than the other.  The less pretty one is still a pretty woman, its just that the other girl has a flawless, model-esque look to her. One of them is short too and I worry about that since I am 5’11.  Neither are quite as tall as I am.  My other concern is that both girls have a different complexion that I do, though one is my grandfather’s coloring and the other is about the color of my sister. I do not want my child to feel like the odd man out.  With genetics and recessive genes, you never know what you are going to get anyway…

Anyway, just wanted to update everyone and let you know I have found two possibles… and they are prettier than the first one I was going to use.  They are all very bright girls and both have college degrees and seem to be outgoing and family oriented.  I will let you know what happens !


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