IVF #6 – The Meds Are In – The 411

shit just got realI got back to the condo this morning after being in DC Metro Area for the past six days and boxes of meds were waiting for me from Freedom Fertility Pharmacy for my upcoming IVF cycle !   Things are REALLY getting real now and the fear is starting to set in.   I have to fight the urge to let the “what if it doesn’t work” thoughts from evading my mind !!

IVF 6 - meds IVF 6 - meds2 IVF 6 - meds3 IVF 6 - meds4 IVF 6 - meds5

Ladies and Gentleman….  I present to you… MY IVF MEDS CYCLE SIX !!!  Woot Woot ! (and why do the antibiotic suppositories look like white bullets? lol)

More later…..

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