IVF #6- Oh The Fear – the 411


After a consult with the RE, my nurse informed me that they have decided in light of my past blood clot after my last retrieval, they are not going to put me on birth control pills to sync my cycle with the donor.  The nurse said that they will either have me go in on CD 3 for baseline and labs or they will start me on Lupron on CD 21.  Since I know what day my cycle is supposed to start, I called today to schedule the baseline for two different days, so that I can have that in place.   I am grateful that I will actually be in the Washington, DC area during that time because my mother is having her reconstructive surgery at that time.

I had already scheduled an appointment with my Internist for the day after her surgery, but I may have to push that appointment back to January.  It would be too complicated to schedule baseline sonos in NYC at my docs.  They would give me a referral to the RE I see and I would have to do it there but the RE would require me to come in beforehand to do a full physical with him and I can not fly back and forth for all these appointments.

The closer we get to the end of November, the more I am starting to freak out just a little. I am paying the first part of my deposit next week and then the second part in December. I hate hate hate shelling out large sums of cash !  I have already spent a sum total of $84,000 out of pocket ! I could have gotten the Range Rover Sport I want so badly lol.   It is no joke when you have to pay for IF treatment out of pocket because insurance will not cover it.  Oh well…. if I get my babies out of it, I will say money WELL spent !

I am enjoying my last glasses of wine :-).   I have made a pact to stop drinking anything but water and 100% juice starting the weekend following Thanksgiving Day.

I am still working on weightloss and will continue to do so until January.  I am hoping that my transfer is later in January in lieu of the beginning.  I guess I am afraid of failing :-(.   I am working on elevating my level of faith and getting myself into a winners stance.  I have to approach this with a winning mindset.  What we think is what is…

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