71 More Days !! The Update or The 411

In 71 days….  I will embark on my next IVF cycle !  YAY !   I am so excited !  I am ready !!  I have my funds together !!  It is time to make two little Valeries !!!

I have had a somewhat crazy past month or so.  I have been enjoying my mornings by arising, throwing on work out clothes, and going for 3-5 mile run intervals on the beach.  I wake every morning to the view of the ocean and I can not tell you how refreshing and inspiring that is for my soul.   My mom is getting her entire life here and is finally relaxing a bit.  She has been going with me some evenings when I do my pm run.  If she goes, then I just walk the entire way.   She even accompanied me twice last week to my aqua-zumba class and she went in the sauna and then rode a bike and worked out on weights while I participated in my aquatics class.

I work out in the morning every morning on the beach or in the gym on the elliptical, go to water aerobics twice a week, run on the beach for 2-3 more miles at sunset and will be adding ballroom/ latin dance to my workout as soon as they school calls me back so that I can enroll.   I am taking time and tending to ME !  I am spending time with ME… working on MY body… MY health.. enjoying ME !   Why not?

Great news !  My film, which was a finalist in the Reel Recovery Film Festival, has been screening around the country and in Canada.  I was invited to come in for an in person appearance for the NYC screening.  My cast, crew and supporters came out and we did Q&A after the screening. The film received wild applause after it screened on the big screen at Cinema Village Theater !

Reel Recovery Film Fest NY Cinema Village NY

My mother came with me to NYC and we darn near FROZE !  At the beach, it is hot and I get up and put on a tshirt or swimsuit.  There was a cold snap up North and it was COLD !  I was NOT prepared for that cold weather !

After the screening, we left and headed South to Washington DC to attend church service at my home church, as my pastor was being honored.  We went to the 9:30 am service (after only getting 3-4 hours of sleep) and then we went to my sister’s home and her hubby bbq’d for us !  What a treat 🙂

I just got in from my pm run and am relaxing.  I decided to try a new recipe I created today.  I made cajun braised beef ribs, rosemary potatoes, and cajun baby lima beans.

Cajun Braised Beef Ribs

Anyway, I hope that everyone is doing well !  Until next update….  xoxo

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