Only 105 More Days – The 411

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Can you believe how fast time is flying by?  In 105 more days, it will be 2016 !  And do you know what that means?  My donor begins cycling in January and by the end of the month, I will be back at the fertility clinic preparing to undergo my 6th fresh IVF transfer !!

I am scared, anxious, and excited all at the same time !  Although I spending my time working on getting as healthy as possible, my mind often wanders onto this subject.

A lot has transpired of late and I decided that it was time to focus on me, my life, and my health.

My grandmother is now residing with her evil sister in South Carolina.  Her sister has strategically orchestrated removing my mom and her brother as power of attorney, attempted to get her hands on my grandmother’s retirement and social security checks, and has called and fraudulently cancelled my grandmom’s credit cards by citing they were stolen and then tried to change the billing address to her own and added herself as an authorized user.  She then attempted to evict my mother from the family home, where we were staying for only a few months while the Realtor was finding a property in Los Angeles.  As you recall, my mom brought my grandmom back to the family home in North Carolina because she was so miserable in Virginia and wanted to come “home” – a place she doesn’t even remember. She ran away and we found out that her sister instructed her to do this as soon as she got there and told her she would come get her and “help her.”   Unfortunately, this entire situation was making my mother physically ill.  The judge threw the case out of court and realized what was truly going on. Because I have had enough drama in my life, and I refuse to deal with anyone else’s, I told my mother to leave my grandmom’s conniving, manipulative and sneaky behind right where she is and wash her hands of the whole thing.

We did not want to stay at the family home, as without my grandfather, the place seems devoid of life.  I HATE being back there and only agreed to go for a period of six months because it is what my mom felt she needed to do.  God has a way of answering prayers.  We are FREE of my grandmother, her alzheimers, her nasty attitude, her temper tantrums and now can come and go as we please and there is no guilt because she set all this in motion.

My mom and I took a vacation after my grandmom left and I was joking with the resort manager about wishing they had Winter rentals and she promptly replied, actually we do !  She took my contact info and sent it to resort sales and they sent me the info.  I filled out the form and emailed it back to them and the next day, they called.  She asked if there was a particular property I was interested in and I told her.  She asked what unit I wanted, and I told her I wish I could have the one we stayed in during our visit.  That two bedroom oceanfront condo was not available the entire time, but an identical one three floors up was.  BINGO !  We now are residing right on the ocean in a huge two bedroom condo and there are restaurants, a state of the art gym and loads of amenities.  We will be there until the end of February and then the movers will go to storage and get all of the belongings and transport everything to California !!   By the end of February, I will hopefully be about 9 wks or so pregnant and will have to find an RE in LA and a new OB.  I am trying to decide if I want to give birth in LA or in NYC.  I have some time to decide that….

I still can not believe how things have fallen into place. I actually found a donor who meets ALL of my criteria on my wish list.  Now I am trying to decide what to do about the sperm donor.  Between now and January, I am sure I will have resolved that.

I am currently enjoying waking up and running on the beach every morning and again in the evening.  I will start going to the gym midday as well.  I am using Isagenix products for nutritional cleansing.  The strawberry shake is to die for !  I make one every morning with frozen strawberries, pineapple, and orange.  I have noticed a marked difference in my energy levels and the Product B seems to be doing wonders for my reproductive system.  My TSH levels are great and all of my blood work is looking really good.  I am doing walk/run intervals in the morning for 3.5 miles and in the evening doing 2.5 miles. In two weeks I am going to increase to a total of 8 miles a day.  I have dropped 30 lbs already.  I feel a lot better about my body and how I am looking.  Although I have lost the weight gained by taking steroids, my body does look a bit different.  I will continue to give this all I have got and stay focused on the paleo diet and using Isagenix.  By the time January gets here, I will be in amazing shape and ready to transfer healthy embryos to my body and carry them to term !

Last night, I whipped out my Elite Pro Pressure Cooker and cooked baby lima beans with a large country ham bone.  Then I cooked a chuck pot roast with 3 sliced onions and gravy.  Today, I heated those and then put some rice in the pressure cooker and that was dinner.   I am in love with my pressure cooker and my crock pot.  It makes life so much easier and I do not have to turn on the oven or stove.  The condo has a great kitchen. It is pretty big so I am able to film episodes of my cooking show, Valerie The Pajama Chef.

I just can not believe how things have turned out.  What the devil meant for harm, God turned it around for good !  #wontHedoit


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