Found TWO Donors – The 411

ivf - found

I logged into my patient portal today (I have been away for a week and left my laptop at home) and the donor egg coordinator sent me a message informing me of a new black egg donor who had been added o the available donor list !! I looked through the new list, which is published weekly on Tuesdays, and read the profile of the donor she referenced. I was not blown away by her but as I went through the list, there was a returning donor who had two retrievals / donations with the agency in 2011 and all of the recipients had positive outcomes.  Not only that, the young woman is a lot like me personality wise (except she prefers cats to dogs), she has a lot of similar features, great educational background (in med school) and has a pretty good family health history.   In addition to her, I found another new donor who is of mixed ancestry and I loved her as well.  This young woman is pursuing a Masters.  I am very pleased with not only their health history, family health history, personality traits, interests, but also, they have similar features to me that I really was kinda stuck on.

I, of course, will go through the list every week with a fine tooth comb, but I am very happy that I am now wait listed for two donors for my Winter IVF cycle !   #Godisamazing #wontHedoit #twinsforme #Itisfinallystartingtocometogether #Iamsogiddy #Iamhellaexcited #Mymomlikesbothdonors #IamgonnabeaMommy


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