More Drama Ensues…. The 411

woa is me

On Friday, my mother graduated from cancer treatment.  And I thought things would calm down a bit.  God has jokes !

My mom got a call from her Oncologist and because everything is all clear, he wanted to schedule to remove her mediport.  They called on Tuesday and informed her they could get her into surgery on Thursday morning at 8:30 am.

Yesterday, I was sitting in the Family room working on my book and heard a weird yelp akin to cats fighting and I went upstairs to figure out what was going on, being that I do not have a cat !  I checked on my grandmom’s dog, and she was lying on the floor chilling and then I heard squealing coming from my mom’s room and walked in to find my baby Langston on the floor having a seizure.  I called my mom because he was screaming in pain, stiff as a board, slobbering clear foamy stuff, and I just knew he was going to die !   I was afraid to move him and my grandmom walked in and picked him up and rubbed him and my mom grabbed a blanket while I called his Vet to let them know I was bringing him in.  By the time we walk downstairs, out into the garage and I pull out, Langston is wagging is tail, burping in my mom’s face, and licking the clear vomit off of his own face !   He is back to normal, but I am beyond freaked out !

We get to the Vet and they immediately take him to the back to check his vitals and all was well.  They gave him back to my mom and we sat and waited for the doctor.  After waiting an hour, I decided to just make an appointment and drop him off this morning to stay with the Vet for a full comprehensive work up.  Langston had a seizure a year ago, but he ate one of my mom’s plants and we assumed that was the cause since the blood work showed nothing.

This time, there were not broken pieces of plant anywhere.

So… this morning, we get up, I drop Langston off at the Vet for his day of testing and I take my mom down the street for her surgery.  They checked her in, took us to her room and put her IV in.  We were visited by several nurses and doctors and at 10:30, they finally came and got her.  The procedure only takes about 15 mins plus the time to get her set up and then to give her anesthesia.  She was to be gone for about 45 mins.  At 11:20, I was starting to worry.  At 11:25 am, they rolled my mom back into her FREEZING cold room to recover and she woke up ready to eat.  She stayed in recovery until 12 pm and then they took her IV out and gave discharge instructions.

The Vet called while I was there and informed me that all of Langston’s tests have come back normal.  Because this is the second seizure that we know of, they want him to see a Neurologist.  I told them I would call Virginia Tech Veterinary Clinic and have him seen there because they can do everything in one place and it is considerably cheaper given that his insurance does not cover specialists.  It is so weird paying for health insurance for a dog !  When I was a child, you just had a dog you got from the pound or one that showed up at your house and those dogs slept in a dog house OUTSIDE during Winter, Spring and Fall and they never went to a Vet past the initial vaccines and they did not die.  These new breed dogs that we pay an arm and leg for are the weakest and sickest little things ever ! lol

After we picked up Langston and took him home, I took my mom to Cracker Barrel for lunch.  We then came back home because my mom was worn out and I knew my sister had a floral delivery coming in the afternoon.

I am going to call V Tech tomorrow to find out how soon I can get Langston in to be seen.  My sister is coming to get him this weekend and keeping him while we are in New York for my back to back doctor appointments.  I am also taking my mom to a live music venue that I hang out at in NYC all the time.  She LOVES the spot !  Cheryl Pepsi Riley’s band performs on Monday nights and I know a few members of the band.

In other news, I was walking around pissed that my menses were late and then realized when I checked my calendar on my phone that I had miscalculated and that my period is not due to start until Saturday !  LAUD !  I am so off sometimes LOL.

I have to go in for a trans-vaginal sonogram and blood work when my period starts as my “mock” cycle for my upcoming IVF this Fall.  I will be on estrogen for 10 days following this initial sonogram and then will go back for a lining check.

I checked in today with my spiritual mom’s son to see how she is doing and got awesome news that she is now speaking, but can not form sentences with ease yet, and that she was moved to rehabilitation today.  She will be there until she is ready to go home and can function on her own.  He told me that she is going a lot better and the doctors are pleased with her progress.  WHEW!   I am soooooooo happy !   That women is the most phenomenal person EVER !   She prays with and for me and is a great friend to me and our family.  She does not know, but I plan to not only have her baptize my babies on a beach with blue water, but I want her to be my baby’s godmother.

This afternoon on the way home from lunch, my mom mentioned to me that she would like spaghetti bolognese.  I was like, MOM YOU JUST ATE !  So, while she was sleeping, she and Langston, I went out to the store and got ground sirloin, ground italian sausage, and herbs to make the sauce and the meal.  I also whipped up pound cake loaves.  She was ecstatic when she saw the pictures on my Facebook page and came bopping down the stairs.  She saw the flowers on the baby grand and smiled and then came to the kitchen looking for the food.  I was not done with the spaghetti yet but was almost done.  Thirty minutes later, I called her and my grandmom to come eat.

My grandmother is hilarious !  I took her to the doctor on Tuesday to get tested for a UTI.  My grandmom LOVES to go to the doctor and whine about her supposed ailments.   She looked sad when I informed her that her doctor called and she does not have a UTI.   I am taking her next week when I get back from NYC for blood work.

Next week, I am also going to a seminar at Shady Grove about donor egg IVF.   I wanted to get info on their program.

I hope everyone else is doing well.  You are all in my prayers.


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