Update – The 411

keep calm and say thank you jesus

After eight months, three surgeries, two long rounds of chemotherapy, thirty two radiation treatments, and several days of exhaustion and nausea, TODAY was my mother’s LAST day of cancer treatment !!!  She has a couple of follow up appointments for the Radiation Oncologist to check her skin’s healing and appointments with her Oncologist for check-ins and she has a little bit of a break to completely heal over the next six to nine months and then she will be able to schedule her reconstructive surgery (breast implants and tummy tuck) .

Last night, I took my mom to Morton’s of Chicago steakhouse for dinner to celebrate.  This morning, after her last treatment, I took her to Cracker Barrel for pancakes and on Sunday, my sister and I are taking our mom to Tiber on the Tea – tearoom in Maryland for our celebratory tea.

In “me” news,  I have an appointment scheduled for next week for my mock cycle for my next IVF.  I have to go in for a baseline ultrasound / sonogram and then start estrace and have a follow-up sonogram in ten days to make sure my lining is of the appropriate thickness for a transfer.  I have my annual physical. mammogram, and blood work on the 23rd in Manhattan so that my OB can sign off on my annual form indicating that I am “fit” for IVF.

I have begun my search for a donor, and I found two of interest and they are both going to be unavailable.  One has completed all of the cycles she can for the agency and the other is taking a break, but slated to return in the Fall (if she returns).

Lucky for me, I have a little time before I have to have someone in place.  This whole process is tedious and nerve-wracking for me.  This decision is a huge one and I just want to make sure I make the right one.

I am working simultaneously on my new cookbook, filming a show, the infertility book, and packing my mom’s house up for the move.

On a happy note, my spiritual mom, Reverend Nawanna Lewis-Miller, is doing better after having a massive stroke last week.  The doctors are working to get her high blood pressure stabilized and also working on her motor skills until she is able to begin rehabilitation.  I am overjoyed that she is recovering and am prayerful that she will make a full recovery and be able to speak soon as well.

Thank you to all who have prayed and kept my mother and family in your prayers.


6 thoughts on “Update – The 411

    • I have a great team of people who work with me ! I would never get it all done otherwise lol. Luckily I have tested all the recipes over the past 2 years that I have been compiling recipes and just need to put them in one file and export the ones from my previous publications that I want to use and then just have the interior designed and that is all. It will take 2 months or more to get my part done ! I wish there were 10 of me LOL

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  1. This update is such a relief on several fronts, though I know the DE selection process is tough tough tough and ongoing. I’m so glad your mom and spiritual mother are hitting these milestones and I will continue praying for improvement and freedom from cancer in your mom’s case.


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