Gift Bags For My Fertility Clinic – The 411

cny gifts           cny cookies

I made personalized gift bags for all the RE’s, Embryologist, Anesthesiologist, 3 nurses, 2 front desk girls, 2 spa girls, Acupuncturist for tomorrow.

–  I ordered medical themed and thank you custom cookies from Banana Bakery in Dallas Texas.

–  I bought a case of M&Ms and put personalized handwritten tags that say ” Thanks for Helping Make My Little Peanut(s) !”

–  I got EOS Balms and put handwritten tags on them that say ” You Are The BALM !” ‘ Thanks !”

–  I got Starbucks gift cards and put them in little pink envelopes and wrote in metallic ink ” Thanks A Latte !”

Lastly – I hand wrote a  THANK YOU note to each.

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