IVF # 5 – Stim Day 12 – NUMB !!! – The 411

baby - sad face

Today is my stim day 12.  My day started as it normally does… I did my injection of Ganirelix, neupogen and lovenox.  I got some work done, then left with my mom to go to SAMS Club and Walmart to pick up some items I need to make gift bags for the staff at my fertility clinic for next week.

While at lunch with mom, I notice a post on my Facebook page that fellow actor posted saying RIP.  I ask what the post is about and he informs me that my close friend’s son passed away according to a post on her page.  I go to her FB page and notice a cryptic message so I call a mutual friend of ours in Atlanta and he knew nothing about it and said he would call her mom and find out what the post was about referring to her son and grandmother being gone within 3 hours of each other.

I learned than my friend’s 15 year old son, who would babysit my puppy, Langston when they lived in NYC, took ill at school (he has sickle cell anemia) and my friend picked him up, took him home to rest and he still was not feeling well.  She decided he was in crisis and was taking him the hospital. She called an ambulance and once inside, Jared coded and they could not revive this kid.  Cristal called her parents to let them know what was going on and her parents broke down.  She then learned that her father’s mother had just passed away three hours before.

I am beyond numb !   I finally got Cristal on the phone and she is being brave and is completely heartbroken and in disbelief.  Her son was attending a new, state of the art performing arts high school in Atlanta and has performed on stage with Stevie Wonder.   He was slated to perform this weekend and his grandparents were going to fly in to surprise him.  According to the doctors, Jared’s heart gave out and was not strong enough.  I have no words….. no words…..   His mom just told me again how excited Jared was about the possibility of me having twins and he was eagerly awaiting them to get here.  Below is a picture of him and my puppy, Langston, at at one of my parties at my New York apartment a few years ago when Jared was 12.  They moved to Atlanta a few months later.

Langston with Jared

I am very sad and am so hoping that I will be able to attend services for him.  The services are going to be the beginning of next week in New York and my ivf procedures are going to be around that time.  I will not know until Friday what we are looking at…. hopefully, I will continue to stim thru the weekend and will not have to trigger until next week and then I will be able to go up to NY for the service prior to heading on upstate to Albany.  My heart is completely shattered and I was questioning God why this would happen to such a dynamic young man and not the little bad ass kids running around the world wrecking havoc and a voice spoke to me and said, ” He was ready.”    How can I argue with God?   This little angel was ready to be welcomed into arms of our Christ and the heavens awaited his arrival.   How majestic is that in the scheme of things?   Jared was definitely and old soul who seems to have been here before.  He was the most mannerly, bubbly kid and I have no idea how his mother, a self proclaimed “stage mom” is going to make it without him.  They were each other’s rock…..

RIP Jared Michael Jones ❤

5 thoughts on “IVF # 5 – Stim Day 12 – NUMB !!! – The 411

    • Thank you so much. It has been a harrowing couple of days. I spend a lot of the day just listening to his mom as she reminisces about him. It is so heartbreaking ! That kid was akin to her husband, they were so close…. they were like velcro so I just so not see how she is going to pull through. Thank God she is a woman of faith….

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