IVF #5 – Baseline After Agonist Protocol – The 411

baby - blog update

Yesterday, I went to the women’s imaging center for a baseline ultrasound after completing the agonist protocol.   My lining is very thick (period is about to start soon) and I have two follicles on the left ovary and none on the right.

I left the imaging center and then went to LabCorp for my blood work and then rushed home so that my mom could go to her last chemo session.   Later that morning, my nurse, Greta called to give me the results of the baseline appointment and said to call when my period starts.  I was thinking it would start this weekend, maybe Sunday, but I am cramping and having light spotting when I urinate so it may come on today.  I called to make a baseline appointment for tomorrow, just in case, since the baseline has to be done on CD 2 or 3 and Monday would put me at day 5.

I called my doc’s office to make them aware and told them to put the req for the new baseline on my portal so that I would know what I need to do.  I am not sure if I have to do another blood draw or not….

More later ~

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