IVF #5 – Lupron Overlap Starts Today – The 411

ivf 5 medsivf 5 meds 2

Today, in addition to the birth control pills I have been taking since CD3, I added the lupron 10 unit overlap.  Birth control pills and lupron are given as down regulation to down regulate the LH and FSH.

I did the lupron injection this morning and have had a low dull headache all day long.  I am going to take Tylenol shortly and then take a quick afternoon nap.  Headaches are no fun.

I will be doing Lupron injections until Sunday and then I have been given instructions to stop the pill and Lupron after Sunday.  I have a baseline appointment scheduled for Wednesday, April 8th.  They will be checking for activity in response to the meds I have been taking.  Within a week of stopping the birth control pills and Lupron, I should get a period and then I have another baseline and immediately start the antagonist protocol:  ganirelix.

I will keep you updated !

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