IVF #5 – Cycle Update – The 411

baby - new update

Today is cycle day 9 and my nurse called this morning after ordering the meds I will need for this cycle and I am on a slightly different time table than I calculated.  I started birth control pills last Sunday and I overlap with Lupron (10 units) starting on Monday.  I have to take the pill and inject Lupron until April 5th and then I stop the pill and the Lupron.  After three days of no meds, I report to the imaging center for a baseline appointment.  Once I get my period, which will likely come on prior to the 17th as scheduled, I will do another baseline and get instructions regarding injecting Ganirelix and Delestrogen.  Later in the cycle, they will be adding Follistim and Menopur.

This is all so overwhelming.  I guess I am a bit nervous because I doing a completely different protocol so this is all new.  All new meds… Just all new !

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