IVF #5 – Here We Go- The 411

ivf #5 think positive

I am nothing if not determined !

I spoke with my RE, Dr. Robert Kiltz, who owns CNY Fertility Center and Spa yesterday and he called me again today after reviewing my chart in more detail.  He was very receptive to my concerns and took responsibility for the embryo glue not being sent to Albany office for my transfer and we also discussed putting in place a protocol that requires pre-preparation of a medium which will culture immature eggs.  This is not a standard practice, but something he has been exploring and is going to put in place so when patients have immature eggs, the proper culture is there to place them in to give them a fighting chance of maturing.  It is called IVF Maturation…

Long story short, he reviewed my chart and is willing to do another OE IVF using a different protocol and different medications.  I will be doing the Agonist / Antagonist/ EPP protocol.  This is the protocol that Dr. Sher mentions for poor responders and advanced maternal age women.  It is a protocol that CNY has been tweaking and using for women which has shown a lot of promise and success where other protocols have failed.   Dr. Kiltz was very warm and receptive and assured me that we will get this done one way of the other.  He is willing to take risks that a lot of other doctors are afraid to do until they show 100% promise that it works.  Dr. Kiltz believes that if it is not harmful and can be helpful, lets give it a shoot !

I am starting BCPs (Desogen birth control pills) tomorrow as part of the protocol.  The birth control pills are taken for 10 days or so then overlapped with Lupron for 5-10 days.  Once I get my next period (27 days from today), then I start the antagonist and estrogen priming part of protocol, in which I take Ganirelix daily, Neupogen injections daily, Delestrogen injections twice a week (for 2 wks), and then add Follistim (150 units or more) on CD 6 and then we will add Menopur (37.5 to75 units) at the very end for 4 or more days.  Menopur add testosterone to the ovaries, which causes the eggs to not develop properly and then you end up with a cycle with lots of follicles and few eggs and also a lot of immature eggs.  This has happened the last three cycles.

After speaking with Dr. Kiltz, I feel a lot better and am grateful that he listens to patients, takes a look at your chart and does not put patients in a cookie cutter protocol.  He stated they are working hard at revamping the centers so that all of the centers are run the same and seamlessly and they are working on implementing new protocols that are working to improve the live birth rates.

I have referred several advanced maternal age patients lately and I just got word that two of them are pregnant on the 1st time at CNY !!  They had had failed cycles at their other centers.   One of the patients is 44 !!  Woot Woot !  I am so excited !

Now, if we can just get ME pregnant so I can so do some other things LOL.

I did ask if I should consider changing donors, and Dr. Kiltz said I did not have to because it was egg issues and not sperm issues.  I am still thinking about buying the access to the cryobank site and look at the donors they have on there. I am certain that they have added a ton of new donors and some of the ones that were new when I started may be “proven” by now.  It has been a year, so I am leaning towards at least exploring different donors.  I just happen to really be stuck on this one ! 🙂  He is soooo the male version of me and it took me forever to decide on that one…


7 thoughts on “IVF #5 – Here We Go- The 411

    • The Embryologist told my travel nurse one story and told Dr. K that they were watched for 20hrs and then discarded. I believe the first story that was told and that is because I had one fertilize, the other six immature were discarded and not watched ! Either way, he is implementing IVF Maturation medium to prevent this from ever happening again. As livid as I was, there is nothing that can be done about it, so we just move on to this next cycle and I will put every ounce of my energy into losing weight and being calm and healthy. Now I have to start buying all these darn meds ! UGH ! I could have bought my babies entire nursery from Poshtots.com with what I am spending on meds lol. Two or three times over ! I guess one way to look at it is that I will have an awesome tax write off for next year again plus two new little Valeries crawling around 🙂

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  1. Valerie ; This is so great to read and gives us all so much hope…Fingers and toes crossed for you ! So happy you have another chance …to make your dream and family a reality.Maria

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