IVF #4 – 6DP3DT- The 2WW – The 411

baby - ivf 4

At 6DP3DT, this morning, I had to go to LabCorp for blood work ordered by my Reproductive Endocrinologist.  They ordered progesterone (which is 35) and estradiol (which is 1207), and they also ordered a TSH and Vitamin D, which has not been posted as of yet.  Dr. Kiltz is now requiring blood draws at retrieval, transfer, 4-7 days after transfer and then beta 7 days later.  They are charting something to try to improve BFPs.

I am now dealing with insomnia !  I am not sure why or if it is a result of the progesterone or the embryo taking root.  I am so sleepy off and on throughout the day.  I climbed in bed this morning and took a three hour nap !

I got up, went downstairs and mixed up meatloaf.  My mom has been bugging me about making one for weeks and my nephew in California LOVES when I make it, freeze it, and ship him one.

Meatloaf making 1

Meatloaf making 2

Today’s dinner is going to be meatloaf, mashed potatoes, string beans and yeast rolls.  🙂

6 thoughts on “IVF #4 – 6DP3DT- The 2WW – The 411

  1. Seriously girl, your food makes me so hungry (and I have morning sickness!). Can you send me some meatloaf? Lol. Sorry to hear about the insomnia. I’m prone to it (anxiety disorder), but pregnancy makes it worse for me. I hope it’s a good sign! What dp3dt are you now?

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  2. Good luck! I had crazy insomnia when I was pregnant last year, hopefully that’s a good sign for you! Fingers crossed!
    I’m not looking forward to the insomnia part when I try again!

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