IVF # 4- Stim Day 3- The 411

baby - ivf 4 stim day 1

Today, I went with my mom to her first Taxol chemotherapy treatment, which was 5 hours long.  She did very well and did not have an allergic reaction.  Tomorrow, I take her back to her doctor’s office for a Neulasta injection.  I hope these injections elevate her white blood cell count.  Right now it is very low.  With this round of chemo, they have her on a cocktail of meds to take at home to try to offset reactions and illness.

I mixed and administered my injection meds tonight and got them done relatively quickly.  I can’t wait until Friday to see what party is going on in my ovaries and hopefully a few more follicles have formed in addition to the 10 I had at baseline.

I am holding positive thoughts and high hopes for this cycle.  I am looking forward to hearing the words “congratulations, you are pregnant !”   That is not too much to ask for !  Four times a charm right? 🙂


IVF # 4 – Stim Day – The 411

baby - ivf 4 stim day 2

This morning, I awoke to a queasy tummy.  That is really odd, so I looked up the side effects for the med that was added to this cycle, Omnitrope, and sure enough, it causes nausea, tummy aches, headaches, elevated heart rates and in more serious cases, hearing problems, severe stomach pain, muscle and joint pain, numbness in hands, swollen breasts and vomiting !  I was like WHAT THE WHAT?????   All of THOSE side effects from a medication to help increase egg quality and maturation?  WOW !

Tonight, mixing the meds and doing the injections went fairly quickly.  I have become a pro.  I am just really grateful that I am not getting the Lupron headaches. (knock on wood)  The Omnitrope made my skin itch for a few minutes after I injected it.  It stopped after a few minutes and I kept an eye on the injection site to make sure I had no hives or swelling and all was good.  Tonight, it did not itch.

I do not have a monitoring appointment again until Friday morning !! I am happy about that.

My mom starts her second round of chemotherapy tomorrow.  Taxil, which is a much harsher chemo regimen, takes about four hours to administer, unlike the last regimen which was only 1.5 hours.  I am going to take my laptop and work on my book while I sit with her.  At least this regimen is only every 2 weeks and only 4 treatments !! My sister and I are planning a surprise for her on Sunday and now we are hoping that she will not be too sick to do anything.  Her white blood cell count is very low.

In other news:  I am on an IVF Sock Buddy board on Facebook.  It is a group of women who are undergoing IVF treatment and we buddy up and send our “sock buddy” fluffy socks to wear at egg retrieval and transfer  and other little gifts.  I actually ended up with two sock buddies.  One is from Montreal Canada and the other is from North Carolina, about 45 mins North of where I grew up.  My sock buddy from Canada sent me a package that arrived today and it is adorable.  I got a couple of pair of socks for me, one for baby (she is going to jinx me with the white and blue socks LOL  #iwantgirls), a bottle of baby dust, a gratefulness journal to write down 5 things per day that I am grateful for, a facial mud mask and a hair treatment.  I am going to do the facial mud mask tonight !!

baby - sock buddy gifts from canada



IVF 4 – Stim Day 1 – The 411

baby - ivf 4 stim day 1

This morning, I went to the hospital to the women’s imaging center to have my baseline sonogram done.  I was sitting in the waiting room praying that the maca root balanced out the Estrace and that I did not have any cysts.

I had no cysts and I have 10 follicles at baseline.  Hopefully a few more will grow once the meds kick in.

I left the imaging center and went to LabCorp to get the blood work and of course, on a holiday, everyone and their momma was in there.  I got out of there in under an hour and my nurse and I spoke at noon and I start stims tonight.  My blood work was not in before CNY closed at noon, but because today is CD4, they want me to go ahead and start stims and they will stop them tomorrow if my E2 is over 100, which is unlikely.  They did not want to risk me ovulating if they did not start the meds in a timely manner.

This cycle, I will be on Prednisone 10 mg twice a day, Lupron (5 units), Gonal F (300 units), Menopur (300 units), HGH (4 Units), and after my retrieval, I will start daily Neupogen injections and Lovenox.  I will be taking one Claritin per day along with other supplements and vitamins. On the day of retrieval, I will be doing two bags of Intralipid infusion and weekly thereafter.

I am nervous as a hooker in line on judgement day, but I am also as happy as a pig in slop for the opportunity to work on becoming a mother.  I am hopeful for this cycle and prayerful that the tweaks and additions to the medication protocol will be what is needed for me to fall pregnant (with twins! I hope) and carry to term.  God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we could ever think or image or hope for, so I am placing my complete faith in Him that He will see me through this.





IVF # 4 CD1 – Let The Party Begin – The 411

baby - energetic

Guess who showed up this morning?  AUNTIE FLO !!!!   IVF#4 is officially underway.  My baseline monitoring appointment will be Monday morning and then I will get my instructions on injection meds.

Have a GREAT weekend !  Happy Valentine’s Day !!  and Happy 83rd Birthday to my Grandmother (on Sunday).

Sunday, we are having brunch for her at the National Harbor.  After her brunch, my mom and I are going to the Charlie Wilson/ Kem/ and Joe concert in Baltimore !!  #wootwoot



IVF, The Waiting Game – The 411

baby- wait

The above little caption is the true personification of my current state.  WAITING….   I am feeling tiny cramping and a am a bit sluggish and am hoping and praying that it is pre-menses symptoms. I am due to start my cycle this weekend.  Today is either CD 29 or CD 54, depending on if my menses were missed the week after my hysteroscopy/biopsy, which we believe was misconstrued for post surgical bleeding.

I should be hella excited, not saying that I am not, it is just that emotions are definitely tinged with a bit, well, a lot of apprehension.  This is a make it or break it cycle for me.  The LAST own egg cycle. We are adding yet another medication to the mix…  HGH.  I am also going to be doing a double trigger to ensure that my eggs are mature this time at retrieval.  I hope I have a bunch of good follicles which mature some awesome quality eggs and more over, they fertilize, properly divide and survive the transfer and STICK to the womb lining.  I am determined to stay positive.

I have been doing the work:  taking great supplements, doing weekly acupuncture, staying away from chemicals, using as many “green” products as possible, eating organic veggies, grass / grain fed meat and I have been working out.  I have managed to drop 29 pounds of the weight gain resulting from the injectable meds and steroids.

I have done all that I possibly can to prepare my body.  I have done my part.  Now the rest is in the hands of God.

I am immensely grateful for all of the support I am and have been receiving from all of my blog readers and fellow bloggers.





IVF #4 – So It Starts – The 411

baby - estrace


Today, I started taking Estrace (estrogen) for my estrogen priming protocol !  I have to take two of the little blue pills per day.  What is so odd is that these are the SAME little blue pills we put up out hoo-haa later in the cycle.  Where they do that at?  lol

I am taking Estrace for seven days then I have to wait for my period to start, which should be next weekend.  Once my period starts, I am to go in for a baseline and pending no cysts or weird stuff, I start stims.

I am taking 4 maca root pills in the afternoons until my period starts to ward off cysts due to high estrogen levels.  The maca root balances out the estrogen by adding progesterone to our system.

In other news, my mother has completed the first round of chemo and has a little break for three weeks until she starts eight weeks of the second round of chemo (toxil) which is really harsh. She will have a chemo infusion every 2 weeks. After she finishes the second round of chemo, she starts daily radiation and then will have reconstructive surgery.

On the dating front, my mom suggested I join sites that exclusively feature European men since they are more my speed and definitely are my interest. European men, according to several people I have spoken too, my personal experience and as read in several articles, are a bit different than American men of the same age bracket.  They are more mature in terms of relationship and are more apt to be looking for marriage as opposed to a booty call or hookup.  Now, we can not categorize all American men as such, but over the past few months, it is becoming apparent, with my experience on dating sites, and the experiences of others I have spoken too that American men in the age bracket of my interest, are still in party mode.  You meet more men who want sexual escapades without commitment than you do men who are serious and looking for a committed relationship.

There are several renowned sites, such as Meetic.com, Flirtbox (Ireland), Parship (France), EuropeanCupid, etc that I am looking at and putting up profiles on.  Hopefully, I will run across a tall, intelligent, gorgeous Italian, Englishman, or Greek ! 🙂  I am also joining two language exchange groups which is another place to meet the kind of man who peeks my interest.  Wish me luck !   I figure the one way to find what you want is to start actively looking for it and placing yourself on the path of where those things are.

Would it not be awesome if I pop out some twins AND find Mr. Right or a few Mr. Rights to take prospect applications from? lol