IVF #4 – Trigger Day 1 – The 411

baby - novarel trigger

I went in for monitoring this morning and the nurse called after getting my sono results.  I have 6 large follicles and 14 other smaller ones.  They decided to do my first trigger tonight of 10,000 Novarel and then another trigger tomorrow night of 10,000 Novarel and my egg retrieval will be on Saturday, unless something weird happens with my blood work, which was not in at the system as of yet this morning.  Since the nurse has not called back, and my blood work should have posted by now, I am leaving on the 4 am with my mother to Manhattan and then taking the 8 am connecting to Albany !

I am nervous that I have so many smaller follicles, but hoping that I have more than just six eggs in there. I am doing a double trigger to try to help mature the eggs before retrieval so this double dosage should do something, right?

I am not looking forward to the -1 temps in Upstate NY, but am glad to be getting this show on the road.

Please keep me and these eggs in your thoughts and prayers.  THIS IS MY CYCLE !!!

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