IVF # 4- Stim Day 3- The 411

baby - ivf 4 stim day 1

Today, I went with my mom to her first Taxol chemotherapy treatment, which was 5 hours long.  She did very well and did not have an allergic reaction.  Tomorrow, I take her back to her doctor’s office for a Neulasta injection.  I hope these injections elevate her white blood cell count.  Right now it is very low.  With this round of chemo, they have her on a cocktail of meds to take at home to try to offset reactions and illness.

I mixed and administered my injection meds tonight and got them done relatively quickly.  I can’t wait until Friday to see what party is going on in my ovaries and hopefully a few more follicles have formed in addition to the 10 I had at baseline.

I am holding positive thoughts and high hopes for this cycle.  I am looking forward to hearing the words “congratulations, you are pregnant !”   That is not too much to ask for !  Four times a charm right? 🙂


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