IVF, The Waiting Game – The 411

baby- wait

The above little caption is the true personification of my current state.  WAITING….   I am feeling tiny cramping and a am a bit sluggish and am hoping and praying that it is pre-menses symptoms. I am due to start my cycle this weekend.  Today is either CD 29 or CD 54, depending on if my menses were missed the week after my hysteroscopy/biopsy, which we believe was misconstrued for post surgical bleeding.

I should be hella excited, not saying that I am not, it is just that emotions are definitely tinged with a bit, well, a lot of apprehension.  This is a make it or break it cycle for me.  The LAST own egg cycle. We are adding yet another medication to the mix…  HGH.  I am also going to be doing a double trigger to ensure that my eggs are mature this time at retrieval.  I hope I have a bunch of good follicles which mature some awesome quality eggs and more over, they fertilize, properly divide and survive the transfer and STICK to the womb lining.  I am determined to stay positive.

I have been doing the work:  taking great supplements, doing weekly acupuncture, staying away from chemicals, using as many “green” products as possible, eating organic veggies, grass / grain fed meat and I have been working out.  I have managed to drop 29 pounds of the weight gain resulting from the injectable meds and steroids.

I have done all that I possibly can to prepare my body.  I have done my part.  Now the rest is in the hands of God.

I am immensely grateful for all of the support I am and have been receiving from all of my blog readers and fellow bloggers.





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